An ambitious global social media campaign that joins creative communities around the world to challenge people's existing values, promote new perspectives, and shift mindsets. 

AHA reaches out to the global creative communities to create content, collaborate, and participate in changing the world by using the design power.  

AHA perspectives will be provocative, honest, and inspiring, speaking directly to human emotions, such as fear, courage, insecurity, shame, and dignity.
AHA dedicates one culture, three critical social topics at a time creating new perspectives on each topic.

The chosen social topics are universal, as they are all human issues. However, some are more extreme in one culture than others. Importantly, the topics and new AHA perspectives ultimately transcend cultural boundaries, so we can work on discovering who we are and who we can be, together.

AHA aims to spark and reset values that will lead you to a happier and more meaningful life in societies burdened by rigid cultural constraints.