We live in a world where it seems most people don’t think about or question their values.

When you look at all the problems in the world, the majority of them are seemingly caused by a lack of individual values. Yet, most elementary or middle schools don’t have a dedicated class teaching fundamental values.

Every time I ask, “Why we don’t teach more ethics, morals, and values in early education?” I am told time after time, “You learn those things at home from your parents,” but we see so many parents themselves don’t have the basic values our children need to learn to be healthy and happy individuals that can then contribute to our society.
It’s been long overdue to recognize these values classes may be as important as math and science because all the economic and technological achievements could be destroyed in no time by people who don’t have the fundamental values.

The values awareness campaign intends to examine your existing values as they have made you become the person you are. 

They affect your happiness and create an opportunity to adopt new values for a better you and a better society. As individual thoughts change, society changes.

Here are two challenging questions:

• What values made you become who you are?

• Can you be a better person (for yourself, your society, and the world)?

We all reach that “AHA moment” when we realize a new path, reveal new opportunities, or recognize new ideas. Our logo visually represents this by constructing the word “AHA” with graphical “doors,” reminding us that opening doors to new perspectives can often take you on an unexpected positive journey.